"Double Standards"| Comedy skit

Jan 15, 2021
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  • Double standards can get out of hand sometimes 😂. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and check out those bloopers at the end 😂💪🏽

    NellyVidzNellyVidzMonth ago
    • Jordan Davis 18 Don’t forget at The Can of

      Jordan DavisJordan Davis13 days ago
    • Nelly and Davonte collaborate

    • Let’s make history Cornell

    • Fout

      Tecia SamuelTecia Samuel24 days ago
    • You sound and look like martin Lawrence lol awesome stuff

      One LostGamerOne LostGamer25 days ago
  • "I aint tryin to do nothing..." I have LITERALLY never heard a man say this 😂 More like this... Him: "How come we only do it when YOU want to it." Me: "Cause you ALWAYS wanna do it..." 😐

    Transform with NadiaTransform with Nadia2 days ago
  • Was this video about the Bulls? Cuz thats all I remember seeing.

    Kit FistoKit Fisto2 days ago
  • 😂 ok hilarious! But what did you mean by “I had to work for that?”

    Beach ViewBeach View2 days ago
  • All of a sudden I started to have an interests in mountains.

    OXO SANOXO SAN3 days ago
  • Hella funny!!! 😂Omg! Not sure why this popped up on my feed but this is sooo true tho! I almost fell out when he came out in that too little red coat...like seriously? Us girls can do that, we put on our man's, brother's, cousin coat or jacket and rock the hell outta of it...but they cant do the same...lol! New Subscriber.

    PositiveElegancePositiveElegance3 days ago
  • Double standard lookin big as her forehead

    Winston BurkhardtWinston Burkhardt4 days ago
  • 😳 What if all this time we've actually been living in a matriarchy and they lined it up so straight men would believe we were in charge when in actual fact everything we do is based on what *they* want...? Edit: Fr though, some women out here just being the definition of voluptuous, to the point where they be the definition of the definition... CURVACEOUS!

    TheAntiTropeTheAntiTrope5 days ago
  • If a key can unclock lots of locks, its a good key, if a lock can be unlocked by a lot of keys, its a bad lock.

    eduardijseduardijs6 days ago

    BEAUTYFUL18BEAUTYFUL187 days ago
  • Good stuff lol.

    FTS82FTS827 days ago
  • I like her head shape its so there u feel me

    Sav4g3 DavacciSav4g3 Davacci8 days ago
  • Where was the comedy

    Gill PhosenbubGill Phosenbub8 days ago
  • 7

    Derrell JacksonDerrell Jackson9 days ago
  • Tone Loc Jr?

    King CassiusKing Cassius10 days ago
  • Teach the young boys about that double standard lol. These women are tight about that lmao.

    Caleb TyrellCaleb Tyrell11 days ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭

    King TKing T13 days ago
  • 3:35 spat out my coffee lmfao

    Anthony IloenyosiAnthony Iloenyosi14 days ago
  • She is the baddest one

    epovjepovj15 days ago
  • “Girl if you don’t unhand me”😂😂

    On GOn G17 days ago
  • SUB-SCRIBE!!!!!

    Albert EshunAlbert Eshun17 days ago
  • You gone turn down all of this? Yeah! You might be gay💀 like how he in relationship with yoy

    StephanStephan18 days ago
  • 😂😭😭😭

    StephanStephan18 days ago
  • This video should be named when a basic chick think she bad as fuck

    Jordan asJordan as19 days ago
  • "I had to work for that." brilliant.

    Chuck KillorinChuck Killorin20 days ago

    Tarik GoldenTarik Golden20 days ago
  • But you look like the big family from all

    Joel DennisJoel Dennis21 day ago
  • 👌 I can still move and do stuff 👌

    Just A GuyJust A Guy21 day ago
  • That's right, Double.

    Manu ShapopiManu Shapopi21 day ago
  • 1:27 Bruh, I hear what ya saying. But- you know that jacket is not too big for her cup handles.😅 fyi- her jacket fits on you nice as well.

    Black MagicianBlack Magician21 day ago
  • “It’s called the double standard Bobby don’t knock it.”

    rayum486rayum48622 days ago
  • Bruh she like the vixen version of Kyla Pratt, voice and all lol

    James StaplesJames Staples22 days ago
  • 7... WHOLE dudes 🤣🤣🤣 I'm tellin you

    Samuel ThomsonSamuel Thomson22 days ago
  • ybmkn]lk

    Maquahi WashingtonMaquahi Washington22 days ago
  • Hah, you mentioned both sides double standards, you've earned respect.

    ash jarash jar22 days ago
  • Seven = TwentyTwo at least

    Metehan YıldırımMetehan Yıldırım22 days ago
  • This is hypocrisy

    Sean chukwueziSean chukwuezi22 days ago
  • 3:26 best skit. "I had to work for that" had me dying

    Francisco FloresFrancisco Flores22 days ago
  • In how I met your mother, Marshall does some quick math to compare how many times he's had sex being in a stable relationship compared to how many times Barney has had sex in his one night stands. The result was heavily in favor of Marshall, which is an example of how stupid it is to count how many partners your ex had considering that with just one person they could've had sex countless more times than you.

    jorge delangeljorge delangel22 days ago
  • they’re both in the wrong it’s not that fucking hard just don’t disrespect their partner and respect how they feel

    Ceebeevee 01Ceebeevee 0122 days ago

    artjwill 07artjwill 0722 days ago
  • That girl makes me want to wash some dishes.....

    CyberRabidCyberRabid22 days ago
  • But there's a difference between too small and oversized. Too small just uncomfortable

    Grace WaluubeGrace Waluube22 days ago
  • "7 whole dudes!" Haha

    Aabidah SiebritzAabidah Siebritz23 days ago
  • is that steve urkel??

    niknik23 days ago
  • Lmao

    Scott JohnsonScott Johnson23 days ago
  • That's some nice pair of Bulls 👀

    Psycho LyfePsycho Lyfe23 days ago
  • You must be gay Lmao Not in the mood for 1 night. Instantly gay lol

    Shamy CartoonsShamy Cartoons23 days ago
  • Last one is global

    Black DaddyBlack Daddy23 days ago
  • Add a zero behind what they say she says 7 might be 70

    charles Wilsoncharles Wilson23 days ago
  • I had to work for that. You didn’t. The thing is women only count they guys they like. 🤫

    Derek StinsonDerek Stinson23 days ago
  • Are they bolt on’s or real ?

    sticksomechopsunderthegrillsticksomechopsunderthegrill23 days ago
  • “Why you tryna axe that question?” I felt that

    Orion_23 KulOrion_23 Kul23 days ago
  • Not unhand me... 💀💀💀

    Tia ChantelTia Chantel23 days ago
  • This is why you don’t get married lol

    efm2169efm216923 days ago
  • I thought every skit was gonna end in him being called gay lmao

    Josh LennonJosh Lennon23 days ago
  • Been there! I can relate... lol

    LeonhartGRLeonhartGR23 days ago
  • Truth is!

    Dee HarrisDee Harris23 days ago
  • “I had to work for dat u didn’t” had me dying 🤣

    Spider GangSpider Gang23 days ago
  • The famous "seven" or "six"....yeah.....I'm gonna call bullshit on that generic lie from women.....she been rode like the village communal bicycle if she's hot! Probably even if she is not!! :) like the standard "two beers" that the cops always get as an answer to how much have youhad to drink tonight!!!!!

    Otto HonkalaOtto Honkala23 days ago
  • "lookin slow" had me screamin

    Philip NolanPhilip Nolan23 days ago
  • 7... WHOLE dudes

    Ken WalkerKen Walker24 days ago
  • Dafq. 7dudes is pure af girl in my country. Usually its 10dudes by the age of 18.

    NormundNormund24 days ago
  • Y’all don’t get it,it’s okay if either of you say no,it’s not fucking rocket science

    Escobarbarian EscoEscobarbarian Esco24 days ago
  • She counted over 15 on her fingers and says 7

    Code_ kliffyCode_ kliffy24 days ago
  • true enough both way

    UmbradensUmbradens24 days ago
  • When he said 44 but in reality it was 4, thats why he was upset 😂

    BULLRUN SekBULLRUN Sek24 days ago
  • I’ve learn three things today. 1. She has no bellybutton. 2. All these fights happened in the same day for them wearing the same clothes. 3. I like the bulls now.

    RRjaceRRjace24 days ago
  • 3:50 yo I have been conflicted on this argument my whole life until right now. I had to work for that number , you didn't. That's so true it just clicked the shit in my brain.

    Ninth GuardianNinth Guardian24 days ago
  • It’s not just funny it’s true

    Saif MalikSaif Malik24 days ago
  • I had to watch this video three times before I realized there was anything else going on other than that Bulls sports bra.

    Get to the CHOPPAAAGet to the CHOPPAAA24 days ago
  • I like how initially it seemed like a dude video but in the end it included both kinds of double standards

    elnombredelarosaelnombredelarosa24 days ago
  • 7 dudes for that gal is a miracle bro

    V ΜV Μ24 days ago
  • Comedy ig

    MaxiPadMaxiPad24 days ago
  • Seeee when he said “I had to work for that you didn’t” I was like TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so it completely changes the dynamic lol

    RonRoweFCRonRoweFC24 days ago
  • ????? Is that Steve urkel!?!??!?

    RonRoweFCRonRoweFC24 days ago
  • I HAD TO WORK FOR THAT, YOU DIDN’T. Facts, son. Facts

    drumrockadrumrocka24 days ago
  • Never ask the "How many people have you been with?" question. Egos will get hurt.

    C SC S24 days ago
    • I don't need to be the only one, just the best one.

      Elbert VandevenderElbert Vandevender23 days ago
  • 🤣👌

    Hyyt HilmanHyyt Hilman24 days ago
  • cus I had to work for that and you didn’t 😂😂

    Sandip ExperienceSandip Experience24 days ago
  • Brilliant

    The Oliver PickardThe Oliver Pickard24 days ago
  • 7

    shonen84shonen8424 days ago
  • Black.

    Salty StalinSalty Stalin24 days ago
  • Fake

    Dicanio BaggioDicanio Baggio24 days ago
  • wow these two are hilarious.

    OdinezOdinez24 days ago
  • I'm from Chicago and never cared about the bulls until now...

    Black Lotus15Black Lotus1524 days ago

    Resilient NessieResilient Nessie24 days ago
  • We have the same kitchen

    Ezra LadeEzra Lade24 days ago
  • God more dumb woke shit

    Nathan ShaneNathan Shane24 days ago
  • Had to work for that!

  • You are a lucky man! Treat her like a queen like I treat my woman. My wife is african-american too. I do not discriminate. One can agree double standards can get out of hand, but then it is because of communication problems.

    blakedirtydblakedirtyd24 days ago
  • Shouldn't it be more than him if she didn't have to work for it?

    TheNastyBAGLTheNastyBAGL24 days ago
  • Comedy skit?

    Bradley WillsBradley Wills24 days ago
  • you guys have really good acting talent along with the cheemistry you two have,!! defintiely can see you guys get into some movies

    4 Vibes4 Vibes24 days ago
  • I am dead yoooo I'm so subscribing lolol

    Ryo UrawaRyo Urawa24 days ago
  • Thats not double standards thats just signs of an unhealthy relationship

    MegapunkMegapunk24 days ago
  • isn't this the chick with the big teets from dr blackson?

    Brianna CockerhamBrianna Cockerham24 days ago
  • We should all question women’s sexuality if we reject men. Cus that’s would be hilarious. Cus y’all’s see, the patriarchy doesn’t care, in reality as long as HE is not gay. 😂

    Vicky MykidVicky Mykid24 days ago
  • "That doesn't count, I had to work for it" lol

    chimaican chimaicanchimaican chimaican24 days ago
  • 7 WHOLE DUDES, That's atleast 6 more people than 1

    Mairo WurkMairo Wurk24 days ago