Living with my ex| Episode 5 | "Rent Due" | Web Series

Aug 9, 2020
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  • How are y’all liking the new episode? Y’all want more episodes? Don’t forget to watch those bloopers at the end. Behind the scenes for this episode is

    NellyVidzNellyVidz6 months ago
    • Jordan Davis 18 The How Y all Don’t forget for at

      Jordan DavisJordan Davis5 days ago
    • Jordan Davis 18 The How Y all Don’t forget for

      Jordan DavisJordan Davis8 days ago
    • Yes

      MikailBakerMikailBaker12 days ago
    • Jeremiah cJ

      Charisma DavisCharisma Davis4 months ago
    • Its funny 😄

      Anthony StephensAnthony Stephens4 months ago
  • Why do all the dudes act like they stupid..on all skits

    Johnnye BrownJohnnye Brown20 hours ago
  • she fine tho

    D TropicsD Tropics12 days ago
  • Great writing

    kjn311kjn31119 days ago
  • Jus started n finished watching the series, this man a legend 😂😂🔥

    Ayton FrangoulisAyton Frangoulis24 days ago
  • When the big guy showed up at 8:35, I thought he was gonna holla at Nelly's girl - stealing both his shoes AND his girl 😂

    Tobe thee Naija PlayerTobe thee Naija Player25 days ago
  • Cornell run fast af thou

    Sketch GhouLerSketch GhouLerMonth ago
  • The hell he keep punching him for 😭🤣🤣

    QigamingQigamingMonth ago
  • Her face expressions 😭😂😭

    QigamingQigamingMonth ago
  • Make 6

    HK KAKASHI 666HK KAKASHI 666Month ago
  • That’s what she said🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Dacencool KidDacencool KidMonth ago
  • This is my first time watching this and I gotta wonder, how tf can anybody in real life end up living with their ex? Good show though

    The Smoove FoxThe Smoove FoxMonth ago
  • He really had a 90s early 2000s intro! Lol!!!

    Anthony BotleyAnthony BotleyMonth ago
  • Someone like that tried robbing they are getting viciously tripped up

    UnknownUnknownMonth ago
  • "I JUST WANT SOME NUTS" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 👇

  • LOL 0:22 IM DEADDDDDDDDDDD "I Just Want Some Nutz" lol

    Chandler SmallChandler SmallMonth ago
  • This girl is very funny

    Komla Henoc DJONDOHKomla Henoc DJONDOHMonth ago
  • this needs to be an actual sitcom on tv 🤣

    James ClyburnJames ClyburnMonth ago
  • Waiting on part 6

    BBG Dee BandoBBG Dee BandoMonth ago
  • Nasty ass nuts had me dead🤣

    Jason ZamoraJason ZamoraMonth ago
  • wow rent due and he took your jordans

    FLIXFLIXMonth ago
  • wapup

    jemeriez ellisionjemeriez ellisionMonth ago
  • Cornell you are infected with the ELHADJ virus which is the virus of stupidity. Search for a vaccine soon bro..

    R. Bouth.R. Bouth.Month ago
  • I wanna ask yall a hard ass question whos better Courtney or Pagion?

    Samaya NunnSamaya NunnMonth ago
  • Love Paigion!!!

    jlovejamsjlovejamsMonth ago
  • 1k

    Shavon hardyShavon hardyMonth ago
  • Do you want them back to

    Hunter VahnyHunter VahnyMonth ago
  • When they gon kiss bruh 😂

  • Robber

    Tcb_ chopHeAD Sub if u hate 2020Tcb_ chopHeAD Sub if u hate 20202 months ago
  • i hate my ex U-U #NellyVidz

    Ilove SealsIlove Seals2 months ago
  • “I robbed these fair and square” 😂

    Tom TomTom Tom2 months ago
  • This. The intro. Everything.

    WarriorsAmbitionWarriorsAmbition2 months ago
  • Hey Cornell ,Paigion,and B Wats did amazing✅✅❤️

    Myaa LewisMyaa Lewis2 months ago
  • Paigon is such a cutie

    Birungi EmmanuelBirungi Emmanuel2 months ago
  • Where 6 at

    Young_ JCYoung_ JC2 months ago
  • Yo when part 6 coming out we really need part 6 I’ve watched all five parts

    Jadon WinniJadon Winni2 months ago
  • 7:15

    Kani TV TUBEKani TV TUBE2 months ago
  • Nelly I really like you so handsome it's your girl Keisha again

    Janice WillieJanice Willie2 months ago
  • 6:08 I thought 💭 he got punched

    Braylen FairBraylen Fair2 months ago
  • is that the J's Ms lucky gave you

    Jaxson HayesJaxson Hayes2 months ago
  • I like what yall did with the piece. Definitely shoppable. Looking forward to stepping up the support in 2021!

    Brandon DavisBrandon Davis2 months ago
  • Lol

    Simone JonesSimone Jones2 months ago
  • Cardinal I like all your videos keep on making more I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love your videos I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love 💚💙🧡💖❤️💜💝💞💓☺️☺️☺️ Please make more

    Darnel VarnerDarnel Varner2 months ago
  • Brilliant my g!

    Vintage27Vintage273 months ago
  • A alley bro

    Obito UchihaObito Uchiha3 months ago
  • He need to be on Netflix lol

    Nicolas SmithNicolas Smith3 months ago
  • Impressive man

    PitBull Chicago bullPitBull Chicago bull3 months ago
  • He dumb

    cavin gordoncavin gordon3 months ago
  • nelly what

    Naji BoydNaji Boyd3 months ago
  • Now that was funny as usual I got to say you're good

    A TA T3 months ago
  • i like your video

    DemonicChrisDemonicChris3 months ago
  • 1:26 mans buggin lol

    Jonn BilllupsJr.Jonn BilllupsJr.3 months ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣When he caught Dean I died. 💀

    Crystal SingletaryCrystal Singletary3 months ago
  • Drop more 😭!!

    allayah Nicholasallayah Nicholas3 months ago
  • 1:27 bro pause lo

    The Coronet ShopThe Coronet Shop3 months ago

    MichaelPlayzYT - GamingMichaelPlayzYT - Gaming3 months ago
  • King of all Ls for this lil movie... Damn bruh.

    BlacLabel365TVBlacLabel365TV3 months ago
  • Paigion is so fine and this series is solid bro!

    Dominic Simms Jr.Dominic Simms Jr.3 months ago
  • Lose my number 😂 straight talk. She ain't got no time for tomfoolery

    Jacky MomoJacky Momo3 months ago
  • Yo Cornell Is Fuuuuunny I Swear

    Cayla- Don StokesCayla- Don Stokes4 months ago
  • 0:48 That piece right there... Right off the bat it reminded me of Rochelle from Everybody Hates Chris, 'cause that's just how she'd react. 🤣🤣🤣

    NiTian ErXingNiTian ErXing4 months ago
  • LMAO!

    Sondra MylesSondra Myles4 months ago
  • Hi

    Ashawnti ByrdAshawnti Byrd4 months ago
  • Hi

    Ashawnti ByrdAshawnti Byrd4 months ago
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    Mida MasonMida Mason4 months ago
  • 🥙🍬🥧🍬🥧🥭🧆🥗🌰🥗🥃😛😨🤬😛😨😋🤢🥴🥴😋😐😏😴😒🥴😒🤤🥳

    Mida MasonMida Mason4 months ago
  • Yes it's backkkk

    chancechance4 months ago
  • i cant imagne how bad nellys mouth feels after gettinh puchned that many times

    Nylah BullsNylah Bulls4 months ago
  • This is tha best don’t stop making videos

    Marlon BennettMarlon Bennett4 months ago
  • you need to stop punching him

    Dmani Key Dmani KeyDmani Key Dmani Key4 months ago
  • dont lie Nelly you know you would hit

    Javian TaylorJavian Taylor4 months ago
  • Isn't B Watts Turner's friend? Lol!

    Artgirl 778Artgirl 7784 months ago
  • I love this selfie sold

    Brooklyn McCulloughBrooklyn McCullough4 months ago
  • Quit everything else focus on these living with my ex videos they great

    Prince_ KevionPrince_ Kevion4 months ago
  • Keep em coming

    Ya HolmesYa Holmes4 months ago
  • Damn dat nikka fast asf

    Amare BrownAmare Brown4 months ago
  • Can you be my ex

    Kayla GilliardKayla Gilliard4 months ago
  • 13:13

    Vickie SmithVickie Smith4 months ago
  • 9:50

    Vickie SmithVickie Smith4 months ago
  • I’m going to be home at 5am and 4:30

    Kenyatta BurnsKenyatta Burns4 months ago
  • And she thicc

    Truly_ GreenUpTruly_ GreenUp4 months ago
  • Pigeon she fine and she got that big booty and she sexy

    Truly_ GreenUpTruly_ GreenUp4 months ago
  • Love this series.. need more!

    Danni ManDanni Man4 months ago
  • Moral of the story.. keep you something to sell, & keep you a bish with some money!

    Danni ManDanni Man4 months ago
  • Best movie ever!!!!

    TierraAllNewsTierraAllNews4 months ago
  • What's good? Apparently my nuts.💀😂😂

    AbdielAbdiel5 months ago
  • Why did he tell ol' girl in the car that he's living with his ex? No need to share that detail in that conversation. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Vincent TuckerVincent Tucker5 months ago
  • 🤣😂 Why you keep catching me

    Antiko2001Antiko20015 months ago
  • sup you got a girl you fun

    Kay WillKay Will5 months ago
    • ahahahaha

      Kay WillKay Will5 months ago
  • They cute together

    BNH_BigNoHomoBNH_BigNoHomo5 months ago
  • This is borderline annoying 😂😂

    Kofi NsiahKofi Nsiah5 months ago
  • This could be a whole vibe on Netflix

    Sir UnoSir Uno5 months ago
  • Got knows snacks but got captain crunch on top of your fridge

    nigel williamsnigel williams5 months ago
  • Boy this shit was HILARIOUS!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Tiffany PolkTiffany Polk5 months ago
  • I'm usually a big fan of NellyVidz, but its hard to upvote this one. *SIMP CENTRAL* ... I know this is "fiction-comedy", but you get *"ROCKED"* four times by the same dude and don't fight back once? then have a dime piece ready to give you money but you TELL THE GAME INSTEAD OF SELLING IT and get her bad and take her money back? smh.

    tracklacer414tracklacer4145 months ago
  • He bout dumb asf he shouldn't have told her that😂😂😂

    Gorilla LyfeGorilla Lyfe5 months ago
  • 😂😂🤣😅

    Kayden DingleKayden Dingle5 months ago
  • "That's why I was eating yo nuts"🤣🤣🤣

    Jay BakeJay Bake5 months ago
  • hi

    yalonda Walkeryalonda Walker5 months ago
  • More episodes plz

    Unknown gamer23 BUnknown gamer23 B5 months ago