When she crazy over the D Finale

Sep 13, 2020
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  • Dam I guess we married now 🤦🏽‍♂️. Who wanna see the movie that continues after this? 👀. Don’t forget to like and subscribe 💪🏽

    NellyVidzNellyVidz5 months ago
    • Please put her in a real movie great actor. E, has my vote!!! Just beautiful acting.

      Ralph ParkerRalph Parker8 days ago
    • Jordan Davis 18 Dam To The and Don’t

      Jordan DavisJordan Davis28 days ago
    • Me

      Anthony CAnthony C29 days ago
    • Me

      VahkVahk29 days ago
    • Meeeee

      Zechariah CanadyZechariah CanadyMonth ago
  • You all did this! Reminded me of fatal attraction. The acting and lighting is superb! You all are very talented. Can’t wait until you make it to the big screen too. Proud of you all! 🏆

    Beach ViewBeach View2 days ago
  • Part 2 please and thank you.

    John EtheridgeJohn Etheridge8 days ago
  • hi nelly and kinigra

    king kalebking kaleb17 days ago
  • I ain't going to lie, that crazy shit sexy

    Andre DevereauxAndre Devereaux18 days ago
  • My type of Women

    Quincy JonesQuincy Jones18 days ago
  • What true *black love* looks like

    Lance McGowanLance McGowan20 days ago
  • If this the finale why it say to be continued

    Faith GarnesFaith Garnes21 day ago
  • OH NO NO

    iYeetSauceiYeetSauce22 days ago
  • How you gonna put "to be continued" in a finale? You got no idea what finale means, damn🙄

    GuillermoGuillermo24 days ago
  • Can't wait for season 2 tbh. 👌🏾😎🤔💭

    Jonathan AndrewsJonathan Andrews24 days ago
  • When is season 2?

    BRITT SavageBRITT Savage24 days ago
  • The lightening and editing is perfect. Let's get it big bruh!!!

    AriesAries24 days ago
  • This is crazy!!! The growth in your videos is inspiring bro. Can't wait for the continuation of the story.

    AriesAries24 days ago
  • Damm I didn't know creepy connie had an older sister

    La Bayoneta TørresLa Bayoneta Tørres24 days ago
  • Yo she is sooooo crazy

    Supreme GangSupreme Gang27 days ago
  • love the skits bro

    Keith HillKeith Hill29 days ago
  • Did she grow up watching lifetime? She good at this

    ShawnShawnMonth ago
  • Dis Bi Crazy AsF 😂😂😂😂 my nigga I'll tell Hell Naw cuz she ain't finna do nothin😂😂😂😂

    NoFiltersNoFiltersMonth ago
  • Dddcbbhggvf😍😍🥰

    Cynthia BraxtonCynthia BraxtonMonth ago
  • This is why bros before hoes

    April McRaeApril McRaeMonth ago
  • At this point, they’re in a relationship

    Herms FreshHerms FreshMonth ago
  • to be continued

    JaMilliJaMilliMonth ago
  • This is amazing 😂 love the whole production

    Pretty PennyPretty PennyMonth ago
  • She plays crazy well

    Zack BizzyZack BizzyMonth ago
  • She did allat and da forces still clean

    Chris ThomasChris ThomasMonth ago
  • Bro this shit was WILD 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Eddie PearsallEddie PearsallMonth ago
  • 😭😭😭😭

    SuperSaiyan GodVegtioSuperSaiyan GodVegtioMonth ago
  • I can see lames boosting their charisma through skits because in real life ladies don’t want um.

    dworkx1dworkx1Month ago
  • I would get married then sex

    Jourdan PlayzJourdan PlayzMonth ago
  • Anybody else thinks he looks like dbangz?

    Hermish WagnerHermish WagnerMonth ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏

    Nellie WoodsNellie WoodsMonth ago
  • 😂😂 haha

    Nellie WoodsNellie WoodsMonth ago
  • She Buggin

    Garry WilliamsGarry WilliamsMonth ago
  • You want to get rid of her? Marry her and simp for her for 10 years she'll eventually divorce you because "she needs something new."😂😂😂

    Supreme SantaSupreme SantaMonth ago
  • She got on forces oh no

    Supreme SantaSupreme SantaMonth ago
  • Why it said to be continued and this the finale

  • Damn dude look like Steve Urkel! So that makes her Myra😳

    Randy AndersonRandy AndersonMonth ago
  • This girl is evil but also a great actor

  • Finale to be continued

    JamesJohnson 4realJamesJohnson 4realMonth ago
  • This some life time type shit😂😂😂

    Aaron GonzalezAaron GonzalezMonth ago
  • Thst face at 5:52 BRUH!!! She aint actin lmao You cant fake that frfr😅😂🤣 Had a few of these b4 in my 20s,.. stay safe out here🥃

    The Django JoE Show OfficialThe Django JoE Show OfficialMonth ago
  • Dang I thought they switched it up...I thought that was Courtney at 1:39😳

    fuzzy wofuzzy woMonth ago
  • Just hit it and quit it again.

    Noha.Noha.Month ago
  • This part is freaky

    Komla Henoc DJONDOHKomla Henoc DJONDOHMonth ago
  • Plz we need one more plz

    Julian SwannJulian SwannMonth ago
  • Hooray, one million!

    Doug CDoug CMonth ago

    NBS shadowNBS shadowMonth ago
  • 3:17 peep how she didn’t say “lawfully” Dats how u know dis is sum crazy

  • Efran STAY on the horror vibes lol

    Miracles Saint-HilaireMiracles Saint-HilaireMonth ago
  • Have no idea how dudes choose sex over crazy. If I see crazy don't care how awesome she is I'm out, lol

    Leo ViceLeo ViceMonth ago
  • so is this tru

    Ronnie HallmanRonnie HallmanMonth ago
  • That was some scary 😳 shit

    Jnorri Twenty-EightJnorri Twenty-EightMonth ago
  • me

    jojo wrightjojo wrightMonth ago
  • Mahhhnnn she's psychotic 😂😂

    Alexandra ChimbaruAlexandra ChimbaruMonth ago
  • What's her IG

    Truly AmazedTruly AmazedMonth ago
  • Efran is good at acting "crazy"...smh...its always the cute one...

    Ivan CowherdIvan CowherdMonth ago
  • this was dope frfr I can't wait for the movie

    Thomas LittleThomas LittleMonth ago
  • My dude Yeezy's be dirty 😭

    King UptooKing UptooMonth ago
  • Man get your ass up 🤣🤣🤣

    ChaBrenda ConeyChaBrenda Coney2 months ago
  • Yuno Gasai in the flesh

    Jacob CarrJacob Carr2 months ago
  • Noooo not the finaleeeee nooooo

    itsss preciousitsss precious2 months ago
  • THAt Was CREEPY NO CAP!!!!!!

    Demarcus WilliamsDemarcus Williams2 months ago
  • Who knew A Beautiful Wife could be so Dangerous R Deadly!

    Eddie JohnsonEddie Johnson2 months ago
  • I want a girl like her 😭 😭😭

    Shaquan BishopShaquan Bishop2 months ago
  • 😢😢🤬🤺 practice our killer she does not go out with a hammer use please so what about slave to beat do the same thing that she did she made you knocked out.

    Ramiyah BoozeRamiyah Booze2 months ago
  • instagram.com

    Anton JohnsonAnton Johnson2 months ago
  • I want to see what happens.

    Everett WhiteEverett White2 months ago
  • Cute and Crazy is a dangerous combination.

    Anthony GilbertAnthony Gilbert2 months ago
  • I died when she sniffed the paper after he signed it 😂🤣

    Wattz & LearnWattz & Learn2 months ago
  • When is this coming back?

    Derric SDerric S2 months ago
  • Bro she is crazy as hell she was at my house 🏠

    Ronald DavisRonald Davis2 months ago
  • Where the hell is part2

    7xRicardo T.V7xRicardo T.V2 months ago
  • dam that was good

    ShigarakiShigaraki2 months ago
  • Waiting for another sequel.

    De’André YoungDe’André Young2 months ago
  • Yo Cornell those bloopers were funny lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂I'm dieng

    Tahjmir MitchellTahjmir Mitchell2 months ago
  • Goodamn she waked him with that Hammer

    Tahjmir MitchellTahjmir Mitchell2 months ago
  • Aw hell nah. I'm gettin Misery vibes off this girl

    Dre TaylorDre Taylor2 months ago
  • Do a season 2

    Donovan cageDonovan cage2 months ago
  • Ummmm anyone heard of divorce lol

    Young QAZYYoung QAZY2 months ago
  • WEDDING SONG... I'm dead. lololololol!!!!

    Pierce MinorPierce Minor2 months ago
  • finly he posedt the last epsode it been 6 moths

    Lanay StarksLanay Starks2 months ago
  • That isn't d.....that is THE d

    beeverhausen anastasiabeeverhausen anastasia2 months ago
  • 1:9 Nelly

    The Hawkins famThe Hawkins fam2 months ago
    • 1:9 nelly isMade me jump like a boss

      The Hawkins famThe Hawkins fam2 months ago
  • i am super fucking cute bro

    JackulentJackulent2 months ago
  • yas srtd

    Jace NewtonJace Newton3 months ago
  • dag you didnt have to do that i men the D is Good but you wint to far

    Jace NewtonJace Newton3 months ago
  • Where is part 2 I’ve been waiting for so long

    7xRicardo T.V7xRicardo T.V3 months ago
  • And y’all thought it was a joke...ok

    marcedmonsonmarcedmonson3 months ago
  • she is the perfect villan 😈

    6 God6 God3 months ago
  • What f am I watching

    Mareese HarrisMareese Harris3 months ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Series

    Saintsnascarfan 14Saintsnascarfan 143 months ago
  • Can you do another 1 of these

    Tasha LittlejohnTasha Littlejohn3 months ago
  • When r u gonna do part 2

    NaKeem PowellNaKeem Powell3 months ago
  • This Dope 🔥🔥🔥✨

    VigorousGentKoodreadVigorousGentKoodread3 months ago
  • Whats her name

    Rondo KyserRondo Kyser3 months ago
  • Yo when it coming back out

  • I will marry her😜😜😜

    MrOltonvMrOltonv3 months ago
  • Nelly I love your channels are the best best you tuber in the whole world

    Angel RuffinAngel Ruffin3 months ago
  • This is literally a visual example of a conversation that I had with some young men I used to mentor.

    Orante FrazierOrante Frazier3 months ago