When she don't wanna leave| Comedy skit

Nov 24, 2020
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  • Some just don’t wanna leave 🤦🏽‍♂️. Don’t forget to check out the bloopers at the end 💪🏽

    NellyVidzNellyVidz3 months ago
    • m.usworlds.info/slow/video/o5l7kWWqal2iZ6k

      Tnias 3ohTnias 3oh3 months ago
    • Nellyvi

      PrincePrince3 months ago
    • I think Efran needs to get out of the house forever, cause she’s gone insane! She’s the crazy one, and she’s begging to stay! Unbelievable! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Melvin DorseyMelvin Dorsey3 months ago
    • You all got together right????

      Eryq RossEryq Ross3 months ago
    • Where her only fans?

      MikeMike3 months ago
  • These two together are a mess 💖

    Give ThanksGive Thanks8 days ago
  • Good stuff man! Do you stick to a strict script or do you have a general outline and improv your way through the skits?

    Matt WalkerMatt Walker19 days ago

    Christopher ChisolmChristopher Chisolm21 day ago
  • If I dated a girl like efran I could never says the words I’m breaking up with you😂

    Michael Jackson FanMichael Jackson Fan21 day ago
  • It’s crazy how this is all over a show that both of them can watch on USworlds and just get another tv simple

    Anime Kid goatAnime Kid goat22 days ago
  • King von

    Haiden On GfuelHaiden On Gfuel22 days ago
  • Well played 😂😂🤣

    J&J gamingJ&J gaming25 days ago
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    Ayumi AyokaAyumi Ayoka26 days ago
  • You are gonna break up because of TV? FOH! 😄

    Nyaake WeboNyaake WeboMonth ago
  • Would have called the police as soon as I walked back into the room and she was still there ✌️💅

    Aniyah HughesAniyah HughesMonth ago
  • She is so freaking gorgeous ❤️

    PalahumePalahumeMonth ago
  • Bro you need a hood 20 hours of sleep bro

    AjAjMonth ago
  • whoa so is efran rlly 35? lol

    2coldd jahh2coldd jahhMonth ago
  • the bloopers bro

    tra startra starMonth ago
  • See so silly

    Abdul MatinAbdul MatinMonth ago
  • The Improv at the end is classic good chemistry playing off one another great work

    Michael CooperMichael CooperMonth ago
  • Must be a Taurus

    Big DeboBig DeboMonth ago
  • This shit so wild hahahaha

    Big DeboBig DeboMonth ago
  • 2:00 🕑 😂

    CountDaSheepCountDaSheepMonth ago
  • “Cause I’m cool” 😂😂😂😂

    Phantom XPhantom XMonth ago
  • Efrans cry 😂😂

    Bellla Z.Bellla Z.Month ago
  • “And I ain’t going no where “ 😂😂😂😂😂

    TheRawGlowTheRawGlowMonth ago
  • Seriously i can relate i had a real relationship just like that lol, i caught flash back.

    None NoneNone NoneMonth ago
  • The bloopers be longer then the video smh 🥱

    Tina MasonTina MasonMonth ago
  • He lowkey look like ludacris👀😂

    Trinity DavidsTrinity DavidsMonth ago
  • Dutchess from Black Ink 💀

    Nardo S.Nardo S.Month ago
  • Lil john from 3rd street 🤣🤣🤣

    Shaneeda HibblerShaneeda HibblerMonth ago
    • 😂😂😂🤦🏾😂

      Tyrese Ty-Get ItTyrese Ty-Get ItMonth ago
  • Fan

    Ryquan WigginsRyquan WigginsMonth ago
  • Dhfhfhg

    Ryquan WigginsRyquan WigginsMonth ago
  • So what do you want for dinner 🥘 🍲 🍽

    Zaza_queens Earp-willamsZaza_queens Earp-willams2 months ago
  • Woo now I see

    Zaza_queens Earp-willamsZaza_queens Earp-willams2 months ago
  • Hey so when you breakup with someone you got another chick and then you get another one you a plawer

    Zaza_queens Earp-willamsZaza_queens Earp-willams2 months ago
  • They. Girl. You Starscream girl cuz you anyways you ugly girl anyway and when you say we will leave and I know this video anyways. I know it's a video anyway so please.. Remember what you said to that boy because he said me and I know this video and what that's what. Poo🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🍆🍑

    Calesha ClarkCalesha Clark2 months ago
  • This was a good one. This is funny as hell.

    Rimmy ReddyRimmy Reddy2 months ago
  • That’s right! Men need to stand up to these women and stop being a simp and a duck!!

    Xavier JonesXavier Jones2 months ago

    Adrian TrevisoAdrian Treviso2 months ago
  • Hdbsjjdjjsjdkskdmmll😍

    Aaliyah GreenAaliyah Green2 months ago
  • Is that the only reason your cool ? !

    Tahjmir MitchellTahjmir Mitchell2 months ago
    • 😑🤦‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

      Tahjmir MitchellTahjmir Mitchell2 months ago
  • And stop saying efran fine

    Joe DavisJoe Davis2 months ago
  • You can just leave

    abib Abibabib Abib2 months ago
  • Efran throwed off 😂😂😂

  • Dude you been lacking bad asf on the videos an everyone who see this check my music out

    Diamond BraggDiamond Bragg2 months ago
  • Y’all mad crazy funny and that’s putting it lightly ✅🌹🤣💯

    Darryl HayesDarryl Hayes2 months ago
  • Carne what's up with good you got

    Ahmir DanielsAhmir Daniels2 months ago
  • Turn is the Miss with people all the day I mean Knock You Out

    Ahmir DanielsAhmir Daniels2 months ago
  • You know police be shooting folks, don't do that.

    Angel MujahidAngel Mujahid2 months ago
  • You know looking at this how is Cornell hasn't done the remake of that scene in madea when the husband was dragging the wife out the house for the side piece now that remake I bet would be fire

    Greg BrownGreg Brown2 months ago
  • Why she say hit me like that?😭😭

    Mario ChothenMario Chothen2 months ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Phee PheePhee Phee2 months ago
  • What happened to my crazy EX that’s her

    kiyah whitfieldkiyah whitfield2 months ago
  • Meanwhile the finals are still going on 🤦🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️

    Joshua McKnightJoshua McKnight2 months ago
  • Cis

    Grace JonesGrace Jones2 months ago
  • the bloopers! 😂

    Mister E.Mister E.2 months ago
  • Gooood

    lunzaalunzaa2 months ago
  • Bruh

    sherrell kingsherrell king2 months ago
  • Yo this was hilarious 😂

    Sunni SmilezSunni Smilez2 months ago
  • Efran bad as hell bruh🥵

    JMJM2 months ago
  • What a sucker lol

    CalvinCalvin2 months ago
  • I swear the GOD lol 😂 💯

    andrewandrew2 months ago
  • She look like yaya Floyd mayweather

    Chase45o OliphantChase45o Oliphant2 months ago
  • Hey

    Bradley RambalBradley Rambal2 months ago
  • this is so damn funny i love when u and E friend do collabs there the best ones and my fave seasons are having 2 girlfriends or 2 boyfriends.

    Henrietta PattersonHenrietta Patterson2 months ago
  • HAHAHA, Efran get on nervesss

    Lord TummazLord Tummaz2 months ago
  • #NellyVidz I really love your videos especially lil nelly I watch those all the time they are the only thing I watch until another one of your videos drop but I'm getting all in details but I just wanted to tell you the I love you videos

    niliea booneniliea boone2 months ago
  • Got a little emotional at the end right there

    bigbro ryhnoKTbigbro ryhnoKT2 months ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/j5uKma61cmeHgJ0

  • CORNELL THINK HE ON TO SOME 😆😂 GOOD VID ..IM FINNA GET RID OF MINE NOW usworlds.info/slow/video/aot4bJeweqd8Zak

    Will LaidBackWill LaidBack2 months ago
  • Shit you gone have to move bro 😂

    Indo MikeIndo Mike2 months ago
  • Ok so call Pat have him bust through the door and arrest heroh and keep in mind have an episode when she breaks out of jail by the way nice 😂 vid

    Samari SingletarySamari Singletary2 months ago
  • foreal

    Jeronica CourtneyJeronica Courtney2 months ago
  • So funny

    Fatima BahrainFatima Bahrain2 months ago
  • 700

    La,shan babyLa,shan baby2 months ago
  • I'm Stuck Help Me lol!!!!!!

    MaddLabsTV/MaddVisionFilmzMaddLabsTV/MaddVisionFilmz2 months ago
  • 2:17 me trying to calm down my sibling after i hit them so mom dont come beat the brakes off me

    Carl MyrtilCarl Myrtil2 months ago
  • Dahlia

    Ahlia VaughnAhlia Vaughn2 months ago
  • My mom name is this

    Ahlia VaughnAhlia Vaughn2 months ago
  • What a coincidence. This happened to me this morning; we even went to the cops but it didn't help because she is still here. They will start acting like victim then you'll be threatened with jail then you have to take them back in. Society and the police/law sees women as victims. If you decide to prove that you are the victim you'll be doing from jail that is a no no. Best way to remove her is to move out yourself, lol. Best way to avoid this situation is to get married then move in together.

    Successful GSuccessful G2 months ago
  • Funny thing is my girl did all that crying when I tried to leave after I found out some shit several times btw and then I do one wrong thing she left for good yall females sum else😂😂💯

    CompBackwoodCompBackwood3 months ago
  • Damn😂😂😂

    Kenneth BarakaKenneth Baraka3 months ago
  • Minks collab?

    UNK_GypsyUNK_Gypsy3 months ago
  • Every man know the fear that went through Cornell's body when she started yell crying bruh

    TripleMoya GamesTripleMoya Games3 months ago
  • Sad & funny part is that there are actually females who are very manipulative just like this

    Abel Ben IsraelAbel Ben Israel3 months ago
  • Do not stay with her

    8 edward Oliva Morales8 edward Oliva Morales3 months ago
  • Make her leave

    8 edward Oliva Morales8 edward Oliva Morales3 months ago
  • S/O to my guy @Efrangeliz who will never be out of work 😭😭💪🏽

    Black RisemBlack Risem3 months ago
  • m.usworlds.info/slow/video/o5l7kWWqal2iZ6k

    Tnias 3ohTnias 3oh3 months ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Alvin WilliamsAlvin Williams3 months ago
  • Not falling for it..BYE!

    Issacc WoodruffIssacc Woodruff3 months ago
  • She is mad dramatic. Lol!

    Perceptive DesirePerceptive Desire3 months ago
  • Squatters Rights you got to give her at least 24 hours

    Shannon ArmonShannon Armon3 months ago
  • See the first time I look without clicking on the video I thought that was Steve urkel lol 😂

    Antonio GoshaAntonio Gosha3 months ago
  • Vice versa because I've had men who wouldn't leave. Shot out to crazy Ben🧟

    Atria SmithAtria Smith3 months ago
  • This is very SIMPful

    D HunchoD Huncho3 months ago
  • Yeah you don’t post like how u used ti

    Miracle JacksonMiracle Jackson3 months ago
  • she is just tricking your ass

  • A reminder of how men need to understand manipulation.

    Bla GonBla Gon3 months ago
  • this shit should be more like when she is a narcissist lmao

    Super Sculpt FitnessSuper Sculpt Fitness3 months ago
  • “Help me”. “Help me”😭😭😭😭😭

    DottieBoy MayskiDottieBoy Mayski3 months ago
  • Ha

    Cowboyyy wrldCowboyyy wrld3 months ago